Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shake off the winter clothes and breath in the fresh air!

There is something freeing about opening up the windows for the first time and breathing in the fresh crisp air of springtime. In the month of May, Minnesota resident's have been granted snow, torrential rain, blistering heat - all in one month! The mailman finally quit wearing his fingerless gloves and commented that I too no longer put a raging fire in the fireplace to warm up the coffee shop. Only in Minnesota!

Well, with the summer months right around the corner, we have been getting ready for a busy summer. June 12 will be our first fry bread booth of the season. We will be at the Embarrass Sisu Heritage Summer Festival all day Saturday. Other dates to find us at will the 4th of July in Aurora and the Water Carnival in Hoyt Lakes. I will also be catering the breakfast meal for the Northern Lights Music Festival July 1st - 17th. Aurora is filled with wonderful young musicians with nightly concerts at the historical theater at the Mesabi East High School (where I and my mother graduated from).

Over the winter months, I worked on some new sandwich offerrings, yummy breads, and working on a more healthful, wholegrain diet. I've been diagnosed with Diabetes 2 and they have put me on medication and diet to curb the numbers. When I told the doctor I owned a bakery, she said "My, my - this will be a challenge won't it?" No kidding! But my bad news is your good news. I'm cooking with less sugar, more honey, more whole grains in the breads and offerring wraps as an alternative to bread for sandwiches. It's a day to day challenge - some days I'm good, some days I'm not.

Well, it's time to put the 10-grain bread into the oven to bake and time to start on my cookies I'm donating to the graduates for their congrad-dance on Thursday. Dinner rolls, sour dough bread (a new favorite), and angel food cake are also on my list for today. When will I get the dishes done?

Back to the grind!